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Quality General Practice
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Meet Dr Debbie Hill

General Practitioner

Dr Debbie Hill has worked in the Eastern Suburbs community since 2002.


She strives to tailor medical care specifically for you, at this time in your life, taking into account your past and your future plans.  


Her strengths in diagnosis and management stem from her ability to listen, and interpret with clinical acumen,  helping you get the best health answers and management for your life.

Preventative Health and Immunisations

Family Practice



Paediatrics and Adolescent Health

Childhood Immunisations

Insulin Resistance, Weight Management

Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression

Sexual Health and Contraception

Cardiovascular Health 

Women Health

Travel and Travel Vaccinations

IUD, Mirena and Implanon


Neurodiversity and Special Needs

Learning Concerns

Second Opinions

Diagnostic Medicine

Heart Monitoring

Tailored Specialist Referrals

Some Nursing Home visits in conjunction with Nurse Practitioner

Meet Dr Debbie Hill
Why Quality general Practice?

Why Quality General Practice?

I can focus on you and your specific needs rather than rush through.

I tailor your care, diagnosis and management to you, at this time.

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Diagnostic Medicine

Some patients have diverse health symptoms, occasionally insufficiently clarified by other practitioners or specialists. Dr Debbie Hill excels in assisting patients understand their body and health conditions.

Preventive Health

Cardiovascular Health, Immunisations, Health Habits, Weight Management

Careful history and, if necessary, select investigations can support you to gain the best for your life.

Women's Health

Dr Debbie  Hill is expert in sorting through options with your agenda in mind, and advising and implementing the best fit management for you. This includes Mirena and copper IUD, and Implanon procedures.

Weight Loss

Specific tailored medical support for best lasting results


Fundamental biology underpins our wellness and our emotional wellness. Dr Hill helps increase your functioning and enjoyment in life.


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