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Antenatal Care

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Pregnancy planning and care, and ongoingly postnatally as well

It is a privilege to discuss preparing for pregnancy, and continue to care for women during their pregnancy and perinatal period.

I do wish the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick, and the RPA Women's and Babies and RNSH Shared Care Programs also encouraged women first leaving hospital with their babies, to contact me, their regular GP for support in this new phase of life. Other local areas in Sydney still encourage new parents to see their GPs within 3 days of leaving hospital.

While yoga can be good for relaxation, in pregnancy all our hormones are helping us stretch in anticipation of labour, so in fact, I recommend pilates as the best management of our bodies and pelvic floors both throughout pregnancy and ongoingly after your delivery, regardless of C section or vaginal birth.
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